PPC Cement products available in Zimbabwe include SureBuild, Unicem, PMC and OPC. Select a product of your choice and download the product data sheet for all information


With small beginnings in 1913 as Zimbabwe’s first cement company, east of Bulawayo, PPC Zimbabwe started under the name of Premier Portland Cement (Pvt) Ltd.



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PPC Zimbabwe supplies the following cement products to the construction industry: Surebuild, Unicem and PMC

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PPC Latest News
Zimbabwe Palletiser Launch
2014/04/08 12:00:00 AM
PPC Zimbabwe (PPC) currently operates in central SADC, an area of emerging markets. As these markets develop, PPC, supported by its vision to be the cement industry leader in its geographical markets, stand poised to grow and expand, while realising its mission to remain the preferred source of cement and cement products in the region.
PPC Zimbabwe celebrates its centenary and announces expansion plans
2013/02/07 12:00:00 AM
Portland Holdings Limited (PHL), PPC’s Zimbabwe subsidiary, has announced that it intends to construct a new cement plant to service the Harare and central Mozambique markets.