PPC Kgale Hill Challenge

PPC Ltd is proud to present the Kgale Hill Challenge, which takes place on 11 June 2017. This is your chance to experience that ultimate finish line moment!

Whether you're a new runner or you've got hundreds of miles under your belt, this fantastic race route through the Wharic Park in Gaborone to Kgale Hill will be filled with entertainment, charity cheer buses and thousands of spectators cheering your name.

The atmosphere in Gaborone is second to none, so why not come and run for fun, for fitness or to raise money for a good cause?




The 15 kilometre race takes place on a course that winds its way from Wharic Park in Gaborone and goes around the Kgale area before runners have to undergo an incline challenge on the 1287 metre high Kgale Hill. The course will take in a number of the city’s most iconic landmarks before finishing in at Kgale Hill.

Whether it's for the challenge, for charity, or just for the fun of it, the event will be a notable occasion on the athletics calendar.