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Our Vision & Values


:: Our Vision

A world-class provider of materials and solutions into the basic services sector, taking a strategic services approach to more than doubling our business every 10 years.


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:: Our Values

Customer focused

  • Our customers are the reason for our existence and all our efforts are focused on good relationships, understanding and meeting their needs consistently.

Excellence in all we do

  • We are professional and do things properly. We at PPC Ltd set the standard. We lead. We set challenging goals and are performance-driven. We are flexible, agile and seek to continuously improve. Yesterday’s stretch becomes today’s standard.

Great place to work

  • Values (1)We work in teams. Everyone has an important role to play and we want to create a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy work environment. We respect the dignity of every individual we engage with. We embrace transformation and diversity.

Integrity is non-negotiable

  • We meet our commitments. We do what we say. We are honest and obey the law.


  • We are seen by our stakeholders as caring and adding value. We are seen as long-term contributors and not short-term takers. We care for the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Creating a better life for all stakeholders

  • Everyone’s contribution creates the value. All stakeholders share in the value and success we create.