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How To Guides

Episode 1 – How to lay a foundation

For all building projects to stand the test of time you must begin with a strong foundation. Introducing #BuildStrongerWithPPC​ a series in which we share our knowledge and experience using our premium quality, strength & techniques. #BuildStrongerWithPPC​

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Episode 2 - How to make bricks

When making bricks, using the strongest quality cement is extremely important. With PPC SURECAST which is designed for making bricks you not only get quality bricks, you also get more bricks per bag of cement & your bricks get that early strength that's needed. In Episode 2 of #BuildStrongerWithPPC​ we show you step by step how to make quality bricks.

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Episode 3 - How to build a brick wall

You’ve laid your foundation and your bricks are ready. Time to learn how to secure a perimeter with a brick wall that will stand the test of time. In episode 3 of #BuildStrongerWithPPC​ we show you how to build a brick wall with PPC SUREWALL in an informative, fun step by step manner. #TogetherWeAreStronger​

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Episode 4 - How to plaster a wall

We have shown you how to lay a strong foundation, make quality bricks and build a durable wall. It’s time to finish off the basics as we show you how to plaster your brick wall using PPC SUREWALL #BuildStrongerWithPPC​ #TogetherWeAreStronger

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Episode 1 - How to build a braai stand

Craving Shisanyama for that Valentines Day braai you are planning? We have just the solution for you as we show you how to build a braai stand from scratch at home in our first step by step DIY episode.

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Episode 2 - How to build a walkway

Now that you have a braai stand, don’t trip over stones and drop the meat on your way back inside or let your bae twist her ankle. Take a step in the right direction & Follow our DIY step by step guide to laying a walkway for your home. #BuildStrongerWithPPC​ #TogetherWeAreStronger​

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Episode 3 - How to build a concrete bench

You have a braai stand and a walkway, everything is coming together. Now everyone wants to come over but you have nowhere for them to sit. Don’t hurt your back from falling after trying to balance on bricks, build a concrete bench to conclude your home upgrades! #BuildStrongerWithPPC​ #TogetherWeAreStronger​

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