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05 June 2017

Builder Workshop Release

PPC Zimbabwe, proud manufacturer of building materials and solutions, has an unwavering passion for developing African infrastructure and people. Across the continent, one of the most pervasive challenges facing the construction industry is the structural integrity of buildings. Contractors and builders may sometimes cut corners- often to save a few dollars, and do not follow best practices in the mixing and usage of cement products. Unfortunately, the result is buildings that collapse, resulting in damages, injuries and loss of lives. Following Cyclone Dineo, there have also been local incidences of buildings collapsing. PPC Zimbabwe believes in “Strength Beyond the Bag,” meaning its duty goes beyond the supply of cement. Instead, PPC Zimbabwe nurtures a fruitful partnership with those who use its products most, helping them get the best results from their work and encouraging them to grow alongside PPC. In tackling the issue of structural integrity, PPC seeks to engage with builders and contractors, and held a workshop in May 2017 training independent builders on best practices when building with cement.

The PPC Builder’s Workshop consisted of free presentations by Harare City Council building inspectors, lecturers from Msasa Technical College, and engineers from PPC Zimbabwe. Builders came away with knowledge of how building standards are measured, as well as the best ways to use cement and building materials for the best results. Zanele Dube, Sales and Marketing Area Manager- Northern Region, opened the session by emphasising the importance of structurally sound buildings from a builder’s perspective. “As builders, whatever you construct serves as your CV,” she emphasised. The workshop held forms part of ongoing plans to improve the standard of construction across the continent, in order to build infrastructure that develops the nation and is safely passed down generations.

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PPC’s belief in Strength Beyond the Bag impacts all aspects of PPC Zimbabwe’s operations. Strong, durable, high-quality products are created with their users’ specific needs in mind. PPC Zimbabwe is also the only local manufacturer to incorporate cement palletising technology as well as bulk handling and transportation- saving customers valuable time and money. Every product and service is designed to create a positive impact to every customer’s projects and bottom line. With over 100 years in Zimbabwe, PPC continues to invest in Zimbabwean people through initiatives that improve local skills. The recently-held workshop represents a greater vision, with more workshops to take place countrywide, giving builders valuable information to improve and sharpen their skills. PPC Zimbabwe has also partnered with contractors that are current tender holders with the National Building Society, and have been collaborating in running workshops across the country.