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14 March 2017

Harare Commissioning Press Release

President Mugabe opens new $82 million PPC Zimbabwe Plant in Harare

PPC Zimbabwe is committed to playing its part to grow the Zimbabwean economy, ensuring that citizens meaningfully participate in its reconstruction as well as securing employment. The new PPC Harare plant, officially commissioned by His Excellency, President Mugabe, is an $82 million, world-class facility that boasts the latest technology in the construction industry.

PPC Zimbabwe has shown confidence in the Zimbabwe economy by making a significant investment through the Harare plant, in line with its belief that opportunity abounds in Zimbabwe. In tandem with the official commissioning of the Harare plant, PPC Zimbabwe launched Surecast 42.5R- a fast-setting cement product that meets local demand, and is the only 42.5R product manufactured locally in Zimbabwe.

PPC Harare plant was built to international standards, with technology and expertise from Sinoma International Engineering from China. Sinoma also contracted local labour as part of its workforce on the project, as well as meeting PPC Zimbabwe’s non-negotiable local supply requirements.

As testimony to the efficacy of local contractors, companies such as JR Goddard Construction, Ascon-Tencraft and HVC, were contracted to work on the project, along with numerous local suppliers who accessed the scope of opportunities on the project. The new factory will continue to provide downstream opportunities for local businesses.

The PPC Harare factory incorporates bulk-handling and palletising technology which can pack 40 cement bags per minute. It started supplying the construction industry with quality cement last year.

PPC continues to uphold its philosophy of “Strength Beyond the Bag”, embodying a commitment that goes beyond producing a bag of cement. PPC has grown to become a brand of choice, not only because the quality of every product can always be relied on, but also because PPC provides them with excellent services and technical advice, demonstrating that they do provide strength beyond the bag. PPC strives not only to provide customers with cutting-edge products and services, but moulds a genuine partnership and an ongoing relationship with the community.

Speaking at the same event, the Minister of Trade and Commerce, Dr Mike Bimha, assured PPC Zimbabwe that government would continue to support the industry through legislation such as Statutory Instrument 125 of 2016 that was bearing fruit in ensuring that unfair competition from cheap imports was controlled.

The government of Zimbabwe has paved the way for companies such as PPC Zimbabwe to ensure that they continue to operate in an environment conducive to their business, and for them to get a fair return on their investment.

According to PPC Zimbabwe, the new plant is designed and constructed in adherence to global emissions standards. This is in line with their vision to create positive outcomes for the environment, showing their deep concern for the possible long-term effects of their operations. The company operates two other cement plants in the country- at Colleen Bawn an in Bulawayo.

Also at the event were senior executives from PPC, including PPC Ltd chairman Peter Nelson, PPC Zimbabwe chairman, Todd Moyo, Darryll Castle- PPC CEO, PPC Zimbabwe MD- Kelibone Masiyane, senior government officials, customers and invited guests.